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The Buffalo Schools Career & Technical Education Department is dedicated to offering all students world-class career programming related to our regional labor market needs and trends. These programs will integrate academics with rigorous technical skills that provide a quality pathway to workplace success while fostering professional attitudes and workforce behaviors. Students will be offered interactive experiences inclusive of project-based learning, internships, job shadowing, and other work-based learning opportunities.


The Career & Technical Education Department's vision is to maintain its world-class offerings of career programming. This programming will continue to solidify our culture of rigor, relevance, and relationships. The strength of our rigor will be built upon fundamental teaching. The relevance will be seen in our real-world simulations and engagement. Our relationships with all stakeholders will ensure that we are aligned with evolving trends and demands in the workplace. With the strategic implementation of these cultural values, our students will acquire the skills to prepare them for college and/or careers.

Social Justice Statement from the CTE Department

Many of our students, parents, and staff are raising their voices to be heard concerning racial injustices they face daily. We wish to inform you that the Career & Technical Education Department stands in solidarity with them and those who stand against racial injustices everywhere. CTE teachers have a great platform to fight these injustices by delivering relevant and equitable educational opportunities. From a department standpoint, we will continue to create and nurture relationships that help us learn and educate, while providing career exploration experiences that embrace cultural diversity.


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