District Vehicle & Cell Phone Tracking Info

The Audit Findings from the 2015 Office of State Comptroller (OSC) indicated that supervision was minimal for employees that work out in the field and there were instances in which their wherabouts were questionable.  As an assurance measure, the District implemented a Corrective Action plan including but not limited to, usage of GPS tracking in District Vehicles and Cell Phones for all employees working out in the field, specifically in the Plant Department and IT Department.   It is primarily the Field employee's supervisor to monitor and track their staff's work schedule out in the schools.  However,  the Audit Department does additional audits and monitoring of employee travel out in the field during regular working hours to ensure compliance of the Corrective Action plan.  

Click here to see a copy of the 2015 OSC Audit - Oversight of Field Activities at the Service Center
Click here to see a copy of the District's Corrective Action Plan for the 2015 OSC Audit

Are you a Field Employee or Supervisor of a Field Employee and use the Field Force Manager application?

Click here for information on app Alerts and supervisor/employee responsibilities
Click here for info on how to turn App GPS ON and sync location

District protocol for Vehicle and Cell phone strictly includes usage ONLY for District purposes.  Any additional charges incurred for personal cell phone usage, will be the responsibility for the employee.  Also, District Vehicles should only be used for District purposes and any findings related to non-business use may result in disciplinary action.

Click here to see a memo issued from the Executive Director of Plant Service related to District Vehicle usage