Legal Department


1/09/2023: Checklists updated

8/26/2022: Contract and addendum templates updated. **Discard all prior versions**

7/07/2022: Data Sharing & Confidentiality Agreement uploaded.

Contract Documents

Contract Approval Process
(Version 07.07.2022) Instructions

Contract Checklist
(Version 01.09.2023)

Contract Template (Over $20,000)
(Version 08.26.2022)

Contract Template (Under $20,000)
(Version 08.26.2022)

Addendum Approval Process
Instructions (Version 07.07.2022)

Addendum Checklist
(Version 01.09.2023)

Addendum Template (Total Expenditure Over $20,000)
(Version 08.26.2022)

Addendum Template (Total Expenditure Under $20,000)
(Version 08.26.2022)

Data Sharing and Confidentiality Agreement
Required when student/staff personally identifiable information will be accessed by vendor

(IRS Rev. October 2018)

MOU Template

Request For Legal Review