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This policy describes the requirements of users regarding the use of the Parent Portal in the Buffalo Public School System.  The Buffalo Public School System makes available a variety of technological resources to support learning and enhance instruction. The goal of the Parent Portal is to promote educational excellence and to enhance communications with parents. The Parent Portal allows parents to view their child’s school records anywhere, any time. In response to the ability to access the Parent Portal, users assume certain responsibilities and agree to abide by the rules and regulations listed below, including the use of technology in an ethical manner and under applicable legal provisions.

In accordance with the Child Internet Protection Act (CIPA), Internet activity on Buffalo Public School System networks is electronically filtered and monitored. Access to internet sites and services is filtered to prevent access to inappropriate content (i.e. pornography, P2P networks, hate groups, violence, illegal activities, extremist groups and cults, online advertising, etc.) to the highest degree possible. Internet activity is logged and monitored, in accordance with Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for participation in the federal E- rate program, to help assure the safety and security of both students and staff.


This policy applies to every parent or guardian of a student enrolled in the Buffalo Public Schools. This is a resource for parents, but the types of information provided may change at any time.


Information system – A network, server, desktop computer, laptop, personal digital assistant (PDA), peripheral, printer, electronic media, electronic messaging system, program, database, or related hardware or software that is owned, developed, managed, operated, maintained, or used by the Buffalo Public School System.

Sensitive information – Private information such as health, financial, student, and personnel data that is protected by law from public disclosure or unauthorized access, and other information for which protection is required based on confidentiality agreements, policies, or similar requirements.

User – A Parent or Guardian who uses a Buffalo Public School System Parent Portal and/or electronically accesses, views, processes, stores, or transmits Buffalo Public School System information.


Users will use Buffalo Public School System Parent Portal for authorized purposes only.  The Buffalo Public School System monitors its information systems and has put into place processes and controls to safeguard the information stored, transmitted, and displayed on its information systems.  Parent Portal is not the  complete or official record. Information on the portal may not be complete or correct at all times and is constantly being updated. For official student records contact your child’s teacher and/or school.

Users are expected to:

Respect the privacy of others and security of the Buffalo Public Schools System.

  • Users will use only the login credentials (i.e., user IDs) issued to them by the Buffalo Public School System.

  • Users will not share the passwords provided or assigned to them with other individuals. The Buffalo Public Schools accepts no responsibility in the event the username or password is shared, given, stolen, or in any other way becomes the possession of a person other than the parent/guardian.

  • Users will not try to learn passwords of other users or information system administrators or attempt to access data or any account other his/her own.

Respect the legal protections to programs and data provided by copyright and license.

  • Users must not use the Parent Portal for any illegal activity, including violation of data privacy laws.

  • Users will use copyrighted materials in accordance with the “fair use” doctrine (Title 17 USC § 107) and will not copy, distribute, or transmit a third party’s information in violation of copyright laws.

Respect the integrity of Buffalo Public School System information systems and other networks to which the District is connected.

  • Users must not conceal their identity when using the Buffalo Public Schools System, except when the option of anonymous access is explicitly authorized.

  • Users will not bypass any security system or features put in place to protect, monitor, or restrict access to information or Buffalo Public School information systems.

Use Buffalo Public School System information systems for authorized purposes only.

  • Users will not attempt to gain unauthorized access to, disrupt, interfere with, or destroy information or information systems.

  • Users should be reminded that email and other communications over the Internet are not guaranteed to be private and are subject to State and Federal Law.

  • All data are the property of Buffalo Public Schools and is only available to parents and guardians of students currently enrolled. Parent Portal may not be available during summer breaks and during periods of system maintenance.

Protect Buffalo Public School System information from loss, theft, unauthorized disclosure, or unauthorized use.

  • Users will not share or enable unauthorized individuals to access private information of the Buffalo Public School System including but not limited to sensitive information related to students.

  • Users will not transfer or transmit sensitive information to another individual without explicit authorization. When authorized, users will apply appropriate safeguards to prevent unauthorized access to the information.

  • Users will not share information with other individuals that could allow those individuals to gain unauthorized access to the Parent Portal of the Buffalo Public Schools System.

  • Users aware of an alleged violation of the Acceptable Use Policy for Parent Portal, who may or may not have been harmed by the alleged violation, may report the matter to the Director of Information Technology.

  • Users who identify a security problem with the Parent Portal must notify the school immediately, without demonstrating the problem to anyone else.

  • Users will not attempt to harm or destroy data of their own children or another user.

  • The Buffalo Public Schools does not provide technical support for your home/work computer system.


A violation of Buffalo Public School Parent Portal policy may lead to corrective action pursuant to the provisions of applicable law.  Under certain circumstances, violations of Buffalo Public School System policy may give rise to civil and/or criminal liability. The Buffalo Public Schools is providing this access as a privilege, and the account may be suspended and/or terminated at any time without cause. The Buffalo Public School System may also pursue legal action as deemed appropriate against individuals for unauthorized access, use, or destruction of information assets or for any use which violates copyrights or licensing laws, regulations, or contracts.  Users whose access privileges are revoked, suspended or limited as a consequence of a violation of this policy may appeal to the Director of Information Technology and request reconsideration.

By virtue of the authority vested in the Superintendent of Schools under Board of Education Policy # 1420, I hereby enact the foregoing procedure governing acceptable internet use policy for the Parent Poral, and revoke all prior versions,  if any, of the District procedure on that topic.


Dr. Tonja M. Williams, Superintendent of Schools

_____________, 20___

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Acceptable Use Policy for Parent Portal