world hijab day February  1, 2024, to February 9, 2024

BPS celebrates World Hijab Day from February 1st  –  February 9th.

Please CLICK HERE for our Powerpoint Presentation.

To foster personal freedom of religious expression and understanding, Buffalo Public Schools invites women to experience the World Hijab Day Celebration by:

The 5 schools with the most submissions to  will win $100 from a donated incentive.

Submissions due by February 9, 2024

Photos will be shown here.

Contest rules below:

Elementary StudentsSecondary Students

● Describe how you feel in your hijab in your own words.
● Tell us about wearing a hijab or headdress.
● Learn more about World Hijab Day.
● Send a photo of you in a hijab or other headdress.
● Writing a paragraph to describe how you feel in your hijab.
● Sharing your experience of wearing a hijab or headdress with others.
● Learning more about World Hijab Day and sharing information.
● Sending a photo of yourself in a hijab or other headdress.
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