New Teacher Tool Kit

New Teacher Tool Kit

Whether you are a new teacher or new to the Buffalo Public Schools, the New Teacher Tool Kit is for you. You will be connected to New Teacher Training opportunities, important professional development information and to the District's must-have technology– important online applications. Learn what they are. Learn how to use them. Watch the videos. Download the documentation. 

Staff Development

Learn to manage your professional growth!

Learn About the District's Mentoring Services
Do you have an Initial Teaching Certificate? You need to complete a mentored experience. Learn more about the BPS Teacher Mentoring Program. The Teacher Mentoring program builds relationships that encourage and support an understanding of district expectations and the development of sound practices that lead to high quality instruction for all students in a confidential and safe environment.

NYSED Mentoring Requirements
Have questions about the Mentoring Requirements and certification? Check the NYSED FAQs for the answer.

Mentor Info Sheet
Download the form to register for Mentoring Services. Return the completed form to the Staff Development office.

Professional Growth System
Every teacher, regardless of their level of certification, must accrue a set number of hours of professional development in a five-year period. The Professional Growth System (PGS), which not only catalogs all of the district's Professional Growth Opportunities (PLO) from meetings to Teacher Center courses, also keeps track of your Professional Growth record. This is something you can check online: the courses you have taken and the credit awarded. As a new teacher, you need to register in PGS.

NYSED Professional Development Requirements
These requirements apply to Professional and Teaching Assistant III Certificate Holders.

Must Have New Teacher Tech

Click for the answers to these important questions!

How do I sign in every day?
No time clocks to punch. No sign-in sheets in the office. You will be logging into  ExecuTime to sign in each day. To learn more, visit the ExecuTime Training Materials.

How do I call in sick?
To call in, you will use the Aesop website. Click on the link above. This video will walk you through the steps of creating an absence in AESOP. If you don't have your login information, check with your school clerk.
CLICK HERE to download a copy of the instructions. | CLICK HERE for password help.

What is the Technology Help Desk?
Technology Help Desk is dedicated to providing technical assistance to Administrators, Teachers, Principals, Assistant Principals, Guidance Counselors, and Instructional Technology Coaches (ITC) IT Support Contact List.

How do I register in the Professional Growth System?
Watch the video and register online. It is important to keep your PGS profile up-to-date.  Go to PGS.

Team Dynamix? What's that?
If you have trouble with your computer, experience network issues,  have problems with your whiteboard or email, logon to Team Dynamix and put in a ticket. And help is one click away. CLICK HERE to watch a video on how to submit a ticket. Team Dynamix Online Requests

Why is the Staff Resources page important?
 Staff Resources gives you quick access to district online applications and support, including email. Go to Staff Resources.

What is Campus Instruction?
This is the Infinite Campus advanced teacher module, which is your online gradebook. In addition to recording grades and attendance, the module offers such advanced gradebook tools, like a daily planner, that can be used to coordinate meetings and to do tasks.

Why should I use Schoology in my classroom?
Find out what a Learning Management System can do for you and your students. Learn how to create and manage interactive lessons, engage students, share content, and connect digitally with other educators while providing students with round-the-clock access to curriculum, content, and resources  CLICK HERE to watch all BPS videos. Login to BPS Schoology here.

Schoology Group Access Code List
Click on the link above to populate a comprehensive list of BPS Schoology Group Access Codes for all instructional departments in Buffalo Public Schools. 

Instructional Tech

Go-to resources to support instruction.

Information Technology & Instructional Technology 
The BPS IT Department works with the school community to build authentic experiences that enhance the curriculum, enrich learning, create global connections and promote digital literacy.

Instructional Software
BPS offers Instructional Software online, anywhere, anytime, access to you and your students to: your classroom textbooks, reference materials, e-books, databases and learning activities. Work at home or in school.

District Devices
The BPS IT Department deploys and manages computing devices for staff and students in a 1:1 environment.  Our computing technology along with strong instructional practice, and parental guidance gives our students necessary skills for success in the 21st Century.  Devices are maintained at The Center for Innovation, Technology & Training (CITT)

NTO Technology Department PowerPoint Presentation from Training
If you would like to revisit the technology PowerPoint from New Teacher Orientation Day, you can download it by clicking the link above.

Social Media Guidelines
The Buffalo Public School District recognizes the importance of using social media as a communication and learning tool. These guidelines are intended to assist all District employees, who serve as positive ambassadors for the District and role models for students, in navigating the appropriate use of social media tools in their professional lives.

Questions about District Applications?

You can contact: